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 Annexure  3

Psychology Lab Details
Part - I    
The Essential Intelligence Test : Fred J. Schonell & R.H. Adams
Group Test of Intelligence : J. Cornwell
Simplex Group Intelligence Scale : C.A. Richardson
The Holborn Reading Scale : A.F. Watts
Reasoning Tests : C.W. Valentine
Maddox Verbal Reasoning Test : H. Maddox
Non-verbal Test : B. Calvert
Sleight Non-verbal Intelligence Test : George F. Sleight
Study of Value : Sylvia Richardson
Vineland Social Maturity : Edgar A. Doll
Reading & Spelling Test : Fred J. Schonell
The Pel Group Test of Practical Ability : E.A. Peel
Graded Arithmetic - Mathematics Test : P.E. Vernon
The Leicester Number Test : W.E.C. Fillham
Eysenck Personality Inventory : H.J. Eysenck & B.G. Sysnck
Sixteen Personality Factor questionnaire    
Part - II    
General Intelligence Test : Dr. S.M. Mohsin
A Group Test of General Mental Ability (English/Hindi) : Dr. S. Jalota
Mental Ability Test : Dr. S.N. Sharma & Dr. R.P. Singh
Test of General Intelligence : Ram Naresh Singh
NON-VERBAL (Performance Test)    
(i) Cube Construction Test    
(ii) Pass Along Test    
Reasoning Ability Test : Dr. Sadhna Bhatnagar
Reasoning Test : Dr. R.P. Singh & Dr. S.N. Sharma
Rao Achievement Motivation Test : Dr. D. Gopal Rao
: K. Chitralekha, Dr. S.N. Sharma & Dr. R.P. Singh
Multidimensional Personality Inventory : Km. Manju Agarwal
Mysore Personality Inventory : Dr. B. Krishnan
Adolescence Personality Inventory : V.K. Singh and others
A Questionnaire for Cyclothymus-Schisothymys : Dr. B. Krishnan
: Dr. V.K. Singh and others
Anxiety Scale :  
Attitude of B.Ed. students towards Exam. : Dr. R.P. Singh & Dr. S.N. Sharma
:  Dr. Savitri Gupta, Dr. S.N. Sharma
Diagnostic Reading Test in Hindi for Primary Classes : Dr. S. Mishra, Dr. D.M. Wilson
Teacher Effectiveness Scale : Dr. Pramod Kumar, Prof. D.N. Mutha
:  Dr. S.N. Sharma
Study Habits Scale : Dr. B. Krishnan
Allport-Vernon-Lindse Value Scale    
Value Scale for Women : Dr. Geeta Sinha & Dr. S.N. Sharma

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